Excluded areas for self drive

Tanzania is perfectly safe and suited to go on a self drive safari. If you are driving in a Toyota Rav4, there are only a few areas we don’t allow Roadtrippers to go to for the following reasons: the road conditions are poor and require technical driving skills, or the area is too remote, so we cannot organize adequate backup support. If you are driving a Toyota Land Cruiser then there are no areas that are off limits.

The excluded areas for our Toyota Rav4s are listed in our rental terms & conditions. Our vehicles have car trackers, so we can monitor if a hirer does not stick to the no-go areas, meaning breach of contract, full liability and loss of security bond.

Western Tanzania lags behind in terms of economic development, and very few tourists make it to the far West. Roads are in bad condition and it would be impossible to follow up adequately in case the car has a mechanical problem. For this reason, we do not allow hirers to take our vehicles on a roadtrip to the national parks around Lake Tanganyika. Ruaha is the farthest west you can go with our rental cars

Luckily, there are many workshops in Tanzania
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(Some) roads to Lake Natron

Nestled between rolling volcanic hills and deep craters northeast of the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Natron sits at the lowest point of the Rift Valley – 600m above sea level. The area is hot and often very dry and very, very dusty. The Toyota RAV4 is not geared for the driving conditions on the roads towards Lake Natron, as there are many deep potholes which are impossible to see as they are covered by thick layers of dust. This desolate area is not a place where you want to get a mechanical problem with your car, as visitors are uncommon, there are no workshops and the few Maasai villagers who live there speak no English.


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