Roadtrip Uganda

This is where it all started... in the Pearl of Africa. Five years ago, we started with our self drive car rental services in Uganda, as we believed roadtripping is the best way to experience Uganda’s beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and diverse cultures. Our Toyota Landcruisers or Toyota RAV4s are the perfect cars to take you around the country. Rent a car in Uganda today and Drive Your Own Adventure!

wildlife at bwindi impenetrable forest

Uganda is East Africa's ultimate road trip destination. The country combines all East Africa has to offer within driving distance. Uganda offers a wide range of different National Parks ranging from endless savanna to tropical rainforest - you can stand face to face with elephants and lions during your safari drives, and track the famous Mountain Gorillas.

Moreover, road conditions are good and ever improving. Tourism in Uganda is growing but still far from saturated, creating the ultimate country for adventure with the comfort of quality accomodation.

The laid back African vibe and friendly people you'll meet along the way will surely make your road trip experience unforgettable. 

Our Ugandan team will be happy to assist you with planning your road trip to Uganda. Feel free to contact them any time or directly rent a car in Uganda

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