Tanzania travel inspiration

Not sure yet where to go, what to do and what to bring on your safari to Tanzania? Take a moment to browse through these pages. A collection of roadtrip travel tips and experiences you will get excited about!

Suggested self drive trips

Take a moment to browse through this page and read about our suggested car rental loops in Tanzania. We are happy to point you in the right direction as you plan your Tanzania road trip.
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Tanzania highlights

The title of this page is actually poorly chosen, as we don't want to promote the bucket list type of travelling. As you will soon notice, the journey itself is already part of the fun of travel, making your roadtrip through Tanzania one big highlight. We have categorised Tanzania's travel highlights, but this list only skims the surface...
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Campsites & Lodges

Based on experiences of our own and those of many other Roadtrippers, please see an overview of our favourite campsites & lodges in Tanzania, catering to all budgets.
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Practical information

Travel information Tanzania. Although some might disagree, for many people part of the holiday fun is in the preparation, particularly for such an exotic destination as Tanzania. We have listed the most frequently asked questions related to self-drive and independent travel in Tanzania.
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Roadtrip TV

Through the years, a lot of exciting and inspiring photos and movies have been made by fellow Roadtrippers. You can find a snapshot on this page.
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