Old & New Park Bandas

The park bandas are the only affordable options (except for camping) when you want to stay inside Ruaha NP. The accommodations are basic but the scenery is luxurious. Prices for the park bandas vary from US$ 20 to US$ 50 per person.

The old park bandas: Inside the park, close to the park headquarters, there are a few rundown, poorly ventilated non self-contained bandas available. Very basic meals and drinks can be enjoyed at the staff canteen nearby. Price is US$ 20 per person.

The new park bandas: These bandas are a bit nicer and also simple meals and drinks can be arranged for. Price is US$ 50 per person.

Both types of bandas should be arranged for at the park gate and paid for by Visa or Mastercard. 

New Park Bandas Ruaha NP.
Ruaha Park Bandas
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