Tanzania highlights

Tanzania is a roadtrip paradise. Where in the world can you combine world class wildlife viewing, visiting Tanzanian tribes, hike to snow-capped Kilimanjaro and swimming in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean into one epic road trip? Tanzania has all this and more, wrapped in one adventurous and welcoming package.

The title of this webpage is actually poorly chosen, as we don't want to promote the bucket list type of travelling. As you will soon notice, the journey itself is already part of the fun of travel, making your road trip through Tanzania one big highlight. We have categorised Tanzania's travel highlights, and the list only skims the surface...

Top 5 National Parks in Tanzania

Tanzania is Africa's ultimate safari destination. One fourth of the country is protected in a network of conservation areas. Wherever you go on your road trip through Tanzania, there are unparalleled opportunities to experience wildlife. Read about our top picks, which is by no means exhaustive.
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Best beaches of Tanzania

The beautiful and historic Tanzanian coastline is a hidden gem. It is largely overlooked by the tourist industry, but this is bound to change very soon. So now is the time to rent a Roadtrip car with camping gear in the back of your trunk and visit this paradise.
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Tanzanian culture and tribes

Travelling independently with your own Roadtrip car, provides you with plenty of opportunities for cultural encounters. We have listed the most interesting sites and activities for an authentic cultural safari.
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Best Tanzania outdoor activities

Tanzania is much more than a wildlife safari destination. The country provides numerous opportunities to stretch your legs and get out of that car! World class mountain biking, hiking and climbing.
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